PAY AS YOU GO TV Commercial Finance as a Catalyst for Growth
    PAY AS YOU GO TV Commercial Finance as a Catalyst for Growth

    PAY AS YOU GO TV Commercial Finance as a...

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  • Solar energy for the poor: facts and figures
    Increasing access to energy is the key to ensuring the socio-economic development of the world’s poorest countries.

    Increasing access to energy is the key t...

  • Introduction to Charge Controllers
    What Is A Charge Controller? A charge controller is an essential part of nearly all power systems that charge batteries, whether the power source is PV, wind, hydro, fuel, or utility grid. Its purpose is to keep your batteries properly fed and safe for the long term. The basic functions of a controller are quite simple. Charge controllers block reverse current and prevent battery overcharge. Some controllers also prevent battery over-discharge, protect from electrical overload, and/or display battery status and the flow of power. Let’s examine each function individually.

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    If you ...

  • Solar powered TV
    Solar-powered TV: the TV is powered by solar and solar battery, of cause the tv must have battery built-in, or have battery partner, at first, the TV must be low power consumption TV(solar tv), then, people need have solar panel, mostly 30watts panel is enough, then, the TV must have battery partner or built-in battery. when the panel charge the battery, the battery can power the TV.

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  • 12v dc tv
    12v dc tv, The TV is powered by DC power supply, DC voltage is DC12V, most is vide voltage, from 9v TO 15V.

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  • Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report
    The off-grid solar industry is growing and adapting to meet increasingly diverse customer demand. The industry’s efforts to meet such demand have seen a 40% worldwide increase, compared to the previous six months, in sales of solar home system (SHS) with wattage higher than 11 Wp, surpassing for the first time the sales of multi-light systems.

    The off-grid solar industry is growing a...

  • Solar TV system
    We are a next-generation technology company dedicated to designing and manufacturing of innovative solar consumer electronic products.

    We are a next-generation technology comp...